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About Ephesians

Paul knew his last days were drawing near. With every dip of his quill in ink, the metal links of his chains clanked and clattered about him. Affixed to a Roman guard, Paul understood the reality of his likely execution. His remaining days were few.

The letter we call Ephesians reads like a farewell address. In his other letters, Paul wrote a decisive response to a particular problem that arose within a specific community of believers. But not in Ephesians. These were his final, parting words, his last chance to impart what was most important to him, for it succinctly summarizes God’s plan of salvation and the practices believers in Christ should follow.

In many ways, Ephesians is the New Testament counterpart to the book of Joshua in the Old Testament. In Joshua we see God’s people engaging in battle to move into the Promised Land and claim their physical inheritance from God. Then in Ephesians we see Paul beginning with our spiritual inheritance in Christ and finishing with the admonition to “put on the full armor of God.”

Joshua goes from battles to blessings — in the physical realm.

Ephesians goes from blessings to battles — in the spiritual realm.

You’re invited to travel through this timeless letter, where Paul speaks life and encouragement to those who believe. God is greater than any battles we may be facing. In this letter we see the way our beliefs inform our behavior, and we’re empowered to live more like Jesus every day.

Prayer grows on us as we grow in prayer. #WordWriters

As believers, our hope is in Christ, not our circumstances. #WordWriters

No one can argue against the evidence of a changed life. #WordWriters

When we yield to godly authority, we grow in godly maturity. #WordWriters

Gratitude radically realigns our perspective with God’s perspective. #WordWriters

It’s through prayer that God’s desires become our desires. #WordWriters

When we’re walking right, our lives bear witness to the Light. #WordWriters

God not only gives us a purpose, but He also gives us the gifts we need to fulfill our purpose. #WordWriters

Whether soaring over a mountain high or trudging through a valley low, God is with us wherever we go. #WordWriters

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