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How the Online Bible Study Works

Over at Deeper Waters, we’re getting ready for the new 25-Day Bible Study on Word Writers: James which begins Friday, February 17th!

We’d LOVE for you join us!

The online study on James will last 5 weeks, with devotions posting each day, Monday through Friday. To receive these devotions in your inbox, be sure to subscribe! When you subscribe, you’ll also receive the 90-Day New Testament Reading Plan for free!

Word Writers is an inductive Bible study that goes through an entire book of the Bible, verse by verse, without skipping anything. We read just a few verses a day, so the pace is really doable.

Every Word Writers study includes some beautiful, lined pages in the back where you can write out the verses for that day. We’ve found that when we write it, we remember it. As we write God’s truth on paper, He writes His truth on our hearts.

You can download our 25-Day Reading Plan for FREE here: JAMES 25-DAY READING PLAN

If you have any questions about the study, you’re always welcome to send us a note here. We love hearing from our sisters everywhere.

Pick up a copy today and join us on February 17th!

About James

Every time I venture back to the familiar passages in the book of James, it’s like going home. Because there’s something comforting about listening to someone tell it straight. James isn’t interested in impressing people with a lyrical style. He wants to help believers become more like Christ, and he does so in a straightforward manner.

His book reads like a collection of proverbs; in fact, many of his admonitions echo Jesus’s words from His Sermon on the Mount.

James is more practical than poetic, and I appreciate his candor because God used his words, his testimony, to help me grow deeper in my faith. Knowledge about God isn’t enough. Our faith must coincide with our actions.

That is my prayer for us as we journey through this book together. The book of James is a candid call to grow deeper in our faith.

God’s grace turns the pit of sin into a pit stop. #WordWriters

To say we love God is to show we love God. #WordWriters

Real faith is lived in real time with real action. #WordWriters

Let’s tell others about Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. #WordWriters

We all have one thing in common: our need for God’s grace. #WordWriters

Everything in this world is temporary, but an everlasting world awaits. #WordWriters

Neither riches nor poverty matter in eternity. What matters is the human soul. #WordWriters

God uses broken people—He uses you and He uses me—and He redeems our brokenness for His glory. #WordWriters

Our failures can be instructive when we ask God to give us the grace and guidance we need to do better. #WordWriters

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