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About Philippians

Once a week a few women would gather at the river to pray and sing and worship. Something about them caught God’s eye, for He told Paul in a dream to visit the region of Macedonia (Acts 16:9-10). These women lived there, in the city of Philippi, which is modern-day Greece.

Paul obeyed God’s command, and when he reached Philippi, he heard about the women who gathered by the river. He met them and preached the cross of Christ to them. Lydia and her whole household were baptized that day. And the first church in Europe began. This church would eventually grow to become a core group of believers, influencing the entire region for Christ.

That’s what can happen when women gather.

Years later Paul writes a letter to his friends in Philippi while sitting in chains, waiting for his trial in Rome. This personal letter — the book we call Philippians — would eventually be inducted into the canon of Holy Scripture.

The book of Philippians is the subsequent fruit born of a few women who gathered to pray and seek God.

Lydia and her friends serve as beautiful examples of what can happen when women gather to pray and worship and study the Scriptures. That’s my prayer for us. The world may be a different place today, but our God is the same.

When women gather to grow closer to God, hearts connect, friendships form, bonds deepen, and lives are changed.

God is faithful to finish what He started—in you, and in me. #WordWriters

As we’re looking out for others, we can trust that God is looking out for us. #WordWriters

The joy of the Lord is our strength when our hearts have found a home in Jesus. #WordWriters

Real love isn’t blind. Real love sees all and knows all and chooses to love anyway. #WordWriters

We can live with deeper joy, knowing that one day we’ll be made whole. #WordWriters

Former failures do not disqualify us from the future goals that God has purposed for us. #WordWriters

When women gather to grow closer to God, hearts connect, friendships form, and lives are changed. #WordWriters

Joy is anchored in the belief that something good—Someone good—lies beyond our circumstances. #WordWriters

We discover joy as we accept the limits of our situation and trust the Lord to work beyond them. #WordWriters

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